10 Reasons to Choose a Wood Fence for Your Pool

Wooden fence in backyard with pool

Many homeowners dream of having a backyard swimming pool. If you’re lucky enough to have this refreshing escape on your property, the next step is to enhance your pool with the perfect privacy and safety fence. Here are 10 compelling reasons why a wood fence could be your best bet.

  1. Gorgeous aesthetics: The warm, timeless appeal of wood gives it an edge over other fencing materials. It complements any landscape and blends seamlessly with greenery and outdoor furniture to enhance the visual allure of your pool area.
  2. Affordability: Wood fences offer cost-effective pool privacy without compromising on quality or appearance. Compared to metal or vinyl fences, wood is a budget-friendly choice ideal for homeowners wanting to add a pool fence without breaking the bank.
  3. Customization: You have countless paint colors, heights, and styles to choose from. Whether you prefer a classical picket fence, privacy lattice wall, or modern horizontal planks, wood fencing can be shaped to your liking for endless pool privacy ideas.
  4. Corrosion resistance: Unlike metal fences, wood resists corrosion from pool chemicals and harsh weather. With the appropriate sealant, your wood fence can last for years without rusting or rotting.
  5. Excellent privacy: When it comes to pool privacy, a solid wood fence is unbeatable. Closely installed planks block prying eyes, providing an intimate and secure setting for your pool area.
  6. Impressive longevity: Besides being undeniably beautiful, wood fences are incredibly sturdy. Pressure-treated, weather-resistant cedar is particularly good at withstanding harsh weather conditions. With regular maintenance, a high-quality wood pool fence can last for decades.
  7. Ease of installation: While you should still rely on professional installers for a job well done, the relative ease of installing a wood fence reduces labor costs and time, allowing you to enjoy your newly fenced pool area sooner.
  8. Peace of mind: A robust wood pool fence provides a secure barrier to protect children and pets. Knowing your loved ones are safe offers priceless peace of mind.
  9. Compliance with safety codes: Fences are required around pools for safety reasons. Wood fences can be easily optimized to ensure a legally compliant pool area, an essential consideration for avoiding fines and legal trouble.
  10. Added home value: Potential homebuyers appreciate the beauty, privacy, and safety that a wood fence provides, making it a worthwhile investment that can boost buyer interest and increase home value.

With the numerous benefits of a wood pool fence in mind, you may be ready to add this feature to your property. Of course, fence quality and longevity largely depend on the craftsmanship of your installer. That’s where McGee Fence & Deck comes in.

With over 20 years of experience serving Southern Maryland, the Eastern Shore, Delaware, and surrounding regions, we have built a reputation for reliability and excellent customer service. We prioritize your satisfaction, arriving on time for appointments and delivering completed projects on schedule. We understand your home is your sanctuary, so we ensure our work elevates the beauty and safety of your property. To make your pool fence ideas a reality, please contact us at (410) 641-0910 and request a free installation estimate.