Chain Link Fences

Installation of Chain Link Fences in Maryland

McGee Fence is a fencing company that serves clients in Southern Maryland, Eastern Shore, Delaware and surrounding areas. We are well-versed in the fence business and always strive to give you the attention to detail and personalized service that you deserve. Chain link fences are functional and ideal for dog runs, animal confinement, security and pool enclosures. We primarily use galvanized chain link fences and they are available in black, green and brown vinyl.

Chain link is economical and long-lasting, and comes in varying heights:

  • 3 Foot Chain Link
  • 6 Foot Chain Link
  • 12 Foot Chain Link

If you are looking to install a commercial security fence perimeter, ask about our razor ribbon and barbed wire options. Our security fences are perfect for parks, school, parking garages, solar sites and fuel tanks. We also offer a variety of other products such as wind and tennis court screens, which provide 90% coverage of the fence

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We serve Southern Maryland, Eastern Shore, Delaware and surrounding areas !


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